Scandinavian Design

Picking the right design for your home or apartment is no simple task. You want a style that reflects who you are as a person and that makes you feel at home. Modern, simplistic, and clean are a few of the words that reflect Scandinavian Décor. This installment focuses on Scandinavian Design and provides resources for the explanation, philosophy, types, ideas, tips, and a how to guide for Scandinavian Design.

  • What is Scandinavian Design?

    Scandinavian Design is named after the countries of Scandinavia and the minimalistic lifestyles the people lived. The Spruce has a great read regarding how Scandinavian Design has adapted over time. To view the article CLICK HERE

  • Philosophy of Scandinavian Design

    The principles of Scandinavian Design emphasize “one should be in harmony with his/her environment”. To read more of Smith Brother’s Scandinavian design philosophy CLICK HERE

  • Types of Scandinavian Design

    Every interior design style has different types that fall under the umbrella. This website has a list of different types of Scandinavian design to help you select which one best matches your home. For more info CLICK HERE

  • How to Design with an Scandinavian Style

    Embarking on a new decorating adventure is always exciting. This website offers a how to guide to help navigate the waters of Scandinavian design. To embark on your adventure CLICK HERE

  • 64 Ideas for Scandinavian Design

    Here are 64 ideas for Scandinavian design. Mix and match to put your own unique twist on the interior design of your home. To see all 64 ideas CLICK HERE

  • 10 More Tips

    This website provides ten additional tips for implementing Scandinavian design in your own home. To view the tips CLICK HERE

Do you have some insights about Scandinavian design? Share them by sending in your comments, stories, photos or videos.


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