Second Helpings

When the big Thanksgiving feast is over, I hope you have lots of leftovers because I have found some great ways for an encore! Frankly, I think the leftovers are as good as the original feast. Of course, you can always do turkey or ham sandwiches which are perfectly fine, but with just a little extra time and effort, you can take leftovers to the next level.

Can I Interest You in Some Quiche?

A quiche is the perfect way to use turkey and dressing. It’s really quite easy, especially if you use a frozen pie shell. You just fill the shell with chopped turkey and crumbled dressing along with some cheddar cheese and your preferred seasonings. Then you mix up some eggs and half-and-half cream, pour it over the mixture in the pie shell and pop it in the oven. It would make a great dinner for now or put it in the freezer for later. To find out all the details of this quiche recipe, click here.

25 New Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

This Taste of Home site will help you reinvent your thanksgiving leftovers. You can continue your celebration with these fresh takes on Thanksgiving leftover recipes. One that got my attention was the recipe for Crispy Mashed Potato and Stuffing Patties. It looks easy, and I know it will be delicious too. There is a recipe for Sweet Potato-Cranberry Doughnuts and one for Thanksgiving’s Not Over Enchilada Soup. Check out all the recipes by clicking here.

Real Food by Dad

I saved the best for last – Thanksgiving Leftover Balls. Imagine mixing up chopped turkey, dressing and some Parmesan cheese, shaping the mixture into bite-sized balls and rolling them in Panko crumbs before dropping them in hot oil. It gets even better because after they are deep-fried to a golden perfection, you dip them in gravy before you pop them in your mouth! Just to ease your concerns about the frying and the gravy, I have heard that calories don’t count when you’re eating leftovers! Click here to get the recipe.

How do you use up your leftovers? Please share.


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