Senior Pictures

Graduation is right around the corner and the time for senior pictures is now. So, grab your camera, pick out some poses, and check out the resources listed below. In this installment we focus on unique phot ideas, DIY tips, and props for senior pictures.

  • 75 Unique Senior Picture Ideas

    Here is a gallery of 75 unique and cool ideas to incorporate into your senior photoshoot. Click here to view the article. CLICK HERE

  • DIY Senior Picture Tips

    Whether your child is homeschooled or you would rather just DIY. This article by Homeschool Network has some great tips to DIY. Click here to view the tips. CLICK HERE

  • 30 More Senior Picture Ideas

    Seventeen magazine has an additional 30 senior picture ideas for girls. To view the additional ideas click here. CLICK HERE

  • Senior Props

    Looking for some props to incorporate into your senior photos? Check out this resource. Click here to view the website. CLICK HERE

Do you have some ideas for senior pictures? Maybe you have some photos of your senior pictures? Share them by sending in your comments, stories, photos or videos.


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