Sewing Good Skills

Before the Ice Age, more than 20,000 years ago, anthropologists have unearthed signs of sewing. It wasn’t until 1790 that the sewing machine was invented. However, the purpose cavemen had for stitching hides together and today’s huge fashion industry have the same basic purpose: sewing puts clothes on our backs.

  • The ABCs of Sewing

    The University of Fashion website provides more than 100 videos on every aspect of sewing from how to thread a sewing machine to how to hand embroider. It shares a wealth of information for beginners to seasoned veterans. Click here for an encyclopedia of sewing information. CLICK HERE

  • 150 More How-To Tips

    The site list even more tips of the trade including how to make tassels, how to make pillows, pointers with ironing, secrets to making ruffles, and so much more. Click here to access a very extensive guide to sewing. CLICK HERE

  • Sewing Tutorials

    This site, Fleece Fun, features many video tutorials to help with the basic skills of sewing. You can find about how to measure and use patterns correctly, how to baste and unpick a stitch and even what to look for when you are shopping for a sewing machine. Click here for great advise when it comes to sewing. CLICK HERE

We would like for you to share your knowledge of sewing with our readers. Send us remarks, photos or videos and we will publish your submission.


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