Super Bowl Party!

Sunday, February 2nd is Super Bowl Sunday, and even though the Cowboys won’t be playing in it, that doesn’t mean you can’t gather some family or friends together to watch the game and of course, “graze” at the food table!

Supermarket Shortcuts

The game will be on, and there will be food, but you don’t have to make it all from scratch. There are some great shortcut ideas using supermarket staples that will save you time and keep your guests full and happy. Frozen phyllo cups can be filled with things like mac and cheese, queso, and pulled pork to name a few.

Crescent rolls can be wrapped around cold cuts and cheeses and maybe some spicy peppers for good measure. Just wrap and bake and serve with marinara sauce, and you will have a delicious dish for your party.

Rotisserie chicken can be shredded and tossed with wing sauce to make Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas. You could serve them with blue cheese dressing instead of salsa for a tasty treat.

There are many more suggestions for supermarket shortcuts on the Food Network site. Click here to view.

3-Ingredient Sausage Puffs

Frozen puff pastry is also a supermarket staple that can be used in so many wonderful ways. The Today Show posted this recipe for sausage puffs that takes pigs-in-a-blanket to a whole new level! You just thaw out the pastry, wrap your choice of fully-cooked sausage in it, cut into slices and bake. There is even a recipe for a spicy-sweet sauce to drizzle over the puffs just before serving. I cannot wait to try this recipe! To see the complete recipe, click here.

7 Game-Day Party Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

I love this advice from the Food Network. They say a football party is one of the easiest parties to throw.  ‘The entertainment is built in, comfort food is practically required, and nobody needs to dress up.” But there are still some sticky situations that can throw your party off track.

For instance, you let everyone fill up on food too quickly. They suggest to think of the evening in five acts and set out different food each quarter ending with sweets and coffee.

Another mistake is you’re too busy or exhausted to enjoy your own party. You could focus on one great dish such as pulled pork or a big pot of chile, and fill in the rest with items from your guests and store-bought snacks.

Don’t make the mistake of serving food that requires utensils to eat. Choose food that the guests can eat with their fingers while balancing their plate on their knees. Think hoagies, pizzas or sliders. FYI – If you plan have pizza delivery, order the night before because the night of the big game is the biggest delivery night of the year!

To read the rest of game-day party mistakes, click here.

I know you and your guests will have a wonderful time no matter who wins the game!

Please share any yummy game-day food you make with our readers in the comment section below.


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