Take Home Science Experiments

Its finally summer time again which means kids will be spending long hours at home searching for entertainment. Most kids rely on technology to fill their time, but what if there was a better option? Well, here are some fun and creative science experiments to get your kids thinking and have some family fun.

These experiments require little preparation and most of the supplies can be found around your home!

  • Rock Candy Experiment

    Kids love sugary candy, so what would be better than making some from scratch? Take a look at this resource for a great step by step guide. CLICK HERE

  • Get Egg-cited

    Everyone has eggs sitting in their fridge. On a boring day, just grab a few eggs and try out some of these 11 crazy experiments from this great resource CLICK HERE

  • Solar Oven Smores

    This cool experiment turns those hot summer days into something delicious. Visit the link to learn how to make your own oven and get your kid’s creative juices flowing. CLICK HERE

  • Magical Experiments

    Here are 11 additional experiments that are sure to wow the whole family! CLICK HERE

Parents should always keep a watch and aid their children when doing experiments.

Do you have some fun experiments that your children love? Post your pictures, comments, and etc here on DownHome!


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