Take It To The Porch!

Summer is in full swing in Texas.  This time of the year, a porch becomes an extension of your home.  Now would be a wonderful opportunity to change things up a little for your outdoor living.  There are several different types of porches such as open, wrap-around, screened and covered.  Each type of porch presents unique possibilities for  making it an outdoor room that everyone will love. CLICK HERE to view dozens of porches.

Sprucing Up Your Porch For Under $20

Decorating your porch doesn’t have to be pricey.  When you begin to work on your space, “shop” your house to see what you have inside that would work outside on your porch.  Perhaps you can find the perfect perch for a potted plant, or some colorful throw pillows or other treasures you have hiding in your closets.  If you have a covered porch, you can even use an indoor area rug or a comfortable chair to make it the perfect place to grab an icy beverage and curl up with a good book. CLICK HERE to view some resources about porches.

Just Browsing

Many times I need to browse through books, magazines and websites to get ideas for what I’m trying to do.  Once I get some ideas from the pros, I am ready to incorporate their ideas with mine, and I’m on my way!  The Ballard Design website has a whole section on outdoor living with lots of pictures.  Sure, I would love to order lots of their amazing products, but even if I don’t order anything, there are many ideas to spark my creativity. CLICK HERE to view this site.

Be Inspired!

Sometimes your porch might extend or lead  to a patio.  There are numerous helpful hints and tricks for decorating or even making a patio on the Texas Landscaping site.  This site covers materials to use if you are considering making a patio, ways to landscape around your porch or patio and nifty ways for lighting your outside areas. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Do you have some ideas about “porching”?  Please share!


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