Thanksgiving Feast Experiments

Thanksgiving can be hard on kids. There’s new food, new people, new smells, new sounds. “The sensory overload can result in a Thanksgiving meltdown,” says Dayna of Lemon Lime Adventures. She has put together a wonderful collection of 25 Must-Try Thanksgiving Experiments to add a positive interaction and some fun into your Thanksgiving holiday. An added bonus for many of the experiments is that they use actual Thanksgiving food such as bread, butter, potatoes and more.

One experiment is all about exploring butter chemistry. You only need a mason jar, heavy whipping cream and two small containers. Pour the whipping cream into the mason jar and tighten the lid securely. Then it’s time to do some shaking!  After about 5 minutes, the butter will start to form into a ball. When this happens, take the butter ball out of the jar and put it into one of the small containers. Pour the remaining liquid from the mason jar into the other small container. Now it’s time for some tasting and talking about how the cream magically turned into butter! For all the details of this experiment and the scientific reason for the “magic” and 24 more great Thanksgiving Feast Experiments, click here.

Do you have any helpful ideas on how to keep kids from sensory overload during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? Please share in the Comments section.


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