The Family Fixit

Something breaks around the home, someone needs to fix it. Something needs to be added or removed inside or outside, someone needs to get ‘er done. The following Internet resources give you the basic steps to be The Family Fixit.

  • Start with the Obvious: Family Handyman

    In politically correct times the very informative Family Handyman website may need to change to a handyperson, however, the basic skill sets needed are gender inclusive. Click here to learn the 101 things every homeowner should know to be a good DIYer. CLICK HERE

  • Not Just A Leaky Faucet

    Being a good DIYer is more than just knowing how to stop a drip. The Better Homes and Garden website gives how-to info on 100s of home décor endeavors. Click here to learn about projects ranging from building a garden tool organizer to secrets to installing drawer knobs. CLICK HERE

  • 10 Great Websites for Do It Yourself Beginners

    Lars Peterson, a contributing editor for U.S. World and News Report, wrote a column providing a variety of websites which are a great help to beginning DIYers. Click here to find 10 very good resources for the novice home fixit person. CLICK HERE

Share with our readers some of your helpful hints for a DIY greenhorn. We would love to see your comments, suggestions, photos or videos.


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