The History of Stained Glass

This Encyclopedia Britannica article not only details the long and rich history of stained glass, but also delves into the principles of design and creative techniques. Click here to get an extensive background of one of the most ancient of mankind’s skills and creativity.

  • What to know when it comes to buying stained glass

    This is a very useful article on what to look for and test when you are buying antique stained glass, like the “finger drumming test” to listen for sounds which tell you if the frame and glass are in a sturdy condition. Click here for some really valuable tips when looking to purchase stained glass. CLICK HERE

  • The 9 Steps of Creating Stained Glass

    Producing stained glass objects and windows takes skill, but it is attainable with practice. This article takes the reader through 9 essential steps from design to hanging the piece of art. Click here for information you should know before investing both time and money into creating stained glass yourself. CLICK HERE

  • The Art of Glass

    Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. Click here to learn the history of mosaics first used around 1500 BC. CLICK HERE

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