The Most Famous Woodworker in the World

The most noted person in the history of mankind was a carpenter, so was His father, Joseph. In the Book of Genesis, Noah was given the project of building an Ark. Egyptian drawings of furniture and chests date back prior to 2000 BC. Even today, a favorite hobby is to “build stuff” out of wood. It may not be intricate carpentry, but acquiring the skills of creating something by hand which requires wood is a hobby and a passion of many. This article gives woodworking novices some important tips.

  • 56 Tips for woodworking beginners.

    The Family Handyman site provides 56 sound tips which beginning woodworkers should know. Click here for an excellent resource for beginners. CLICK HERE

  • Woodworking from a woman’s perspective.

    On her DIY website, Angela Marie gives 6 productive tips for newbies to the woodworking hobby with a female point of view. Click her for some sound advice. CLICK HERE

  • A cabinet full of useful information

    From the offices of the Fine Woodworking Magazine, this website offers solid reference materials, interesting DIY guidance, shop tips and darn good how-to videos. Click here for a comprehensive resource for new or experienced woodworkers. CLICK HERE

  • 63 Woodworking Resources.

    Feedspot is an Internet resource which features the best of blogs, websites and newsletters on a variety of subjects. Click here to review the 63 sites they have listed for woodworking. CLICK HERE

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