Welcoming the New Year 2019

New Year and New Resolutions. I always think of a new beginning, decorating with fresh ideas and new colors. This might include pillows, area rug, or new place mats for the table or a fresh wreath on the door.

Start your new year off with the right tools for the job. When I’m about to start a project I like to have my basic tool box organized and ready to go. There’s no wasted time searching for things. My box has:

  • Tacky glue and adhesive putty
  • Rubber bands, wire and fishing line
  • Snips, scissors, knife and hemostats
  • Various floral tape, wire, string and zip ties
  • Extension cord
  • Permanent marker
  • Decorating clips

Customize your own tool box according to your needs. My box has been a wonderful work tool for me to get the jobs done with a happy smile for a job well done.

What are the essential tools you need for creating decorations? Send in your suggestions, comments, photos or videos


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