Welcoming Your Holiday Guests

The holidays can be stressful especially if you are the host or hostess. Questions and thoughts come to mind whether to use fresh cut flowers or not, how to sit 16 people at a table that is made to seat 10 or do I serve buffet style or place serving dishes on the dinner table? Questions, questions, questions!!! Don’t overthink it!!

First Thoughts…

How do you set your table with dishes, glassware and design a simple center piece that completes the look? Search your cabinets and pull out things you might be interested in using. Don’t worry about polishing all silver pieces you might use. Think about mixing store bought dishes and items with more vintage family history. These items create interest as the family sits down for the meal. Click here for some great ideas!


Pre-planning tips can get you a long way towards your day running smoothly and help maximize time for you to enjoy your guests. There are many ideas on hosting a Christmas party. Here are some suggestions to help you plan.

Hosting in a Small Space

Yes, it is certainly possible to be creative with your space. It is possible, but you must be creative and find ways to be successful with your preparation. Here are some ideas for maximizing your space.


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