What’s In The Lunchbox Today?

Did you know that if you pack school lunches for your kids, you will have packed around 180 per kid by the time the school year ends? That’s a lot of lunches! You want to pack lunches that are nutritious and that your child will eat. Here are some great sites that may be able to give you some new ideas about what to put in the lunchbox.

Living on a Dime

There are some wonderful ideas on not only how to save money on school lunches, but also how to be ready for those hectic school mornings. For instance, you can have your kids prepackage chips and cookies in baggies during the weekend. Doing this instead of buying individual bags of chips and cookies can really save you money. Another good idea is to save all those packets of ketchup and mustard and the napkins you don’t use from the fast food restaurants to put in the lunchboxes. Click here to read more from this site.

Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

Here are some ideas when sandwich “burn-out” comes along. The lunchbox kabobs are kind of like a sandwich on a stick! What about Pizza Pancakes or Ham and Mac and Cheese Lunchbox Muffins? There are DYI Lunchables and Grilled Cheese Roll-ups and much more to check out by clicking here.

Lunch Ideas for Teens

Most likely your teen will not think it’s cool to carry a lunchbox! You will need to find a durable container that they can carry in a gym or school bag. A PB&J sandwich just won’t work anymore, but what can you pack for your teen? This site has so many yummy ideas with pictures and recipes such as a Burrito Bowl, a Philly Grilled Cheese and a Cobb Salad Wrap. These ideas are great for lunchboxes and for at home meals too. Click here to read more.

If you have any tips or ideas about school lunches, please share!


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